More often than not, a fried chicken craving will creep up on you and the only option is to give in right then and there. You can’t ignore it, and you most definitely can’t find a substitute. If you have the ability to schedule a fried chicken craving, you’re going to want to schedule it right now.

You need to go to Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles at this very moment. There’s a fried chicken sandwich waiting for you to claim it! Well actually, there are a few fried chicken sandwiches – take your pick! Any of these (or all…we won’t judge) PLUS a side and fountain drink can be yours for ONLY $7.95!!!

Meet the Candidates

The B.Lo
Boneless #NORTHERNFRIED chicken thigh dipped in buffalo sauce, shaved iceberg + scotch bonnet ranch on a toasted potato bun. *DROOOOOLS*
The Jerk
Boneless #NORTHERNFRIED chicken thigh dipped in jerk BBQ sauce + creamy coleslaw on a buttered potato bun. *MORE DROOL*
The OG
Boneless #NORTHERNFRIED chicken thigh, kosher dill pickles + dirty aioli on a toasted potato bun. *STILL DROOLING*
The Sticky Icky
Boneless #NORTHERNFRIED chicken thigh tossed in our maple garlic sauce, pickled jalapeños + dirty aioli on a toasted potato bun. *SERIOUSLY GET A NAPKIN FOR THIS DROOL*

Now that we’ve given you the biggest craving of all, head into Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles and satisfy the need for fried chicken (oh yeah, it’s a need not just a want).