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In the world of online shopping you can get anything online and it’ll come to you in a cute little box ready to be opened. No exception is made for mattresses, which internet companies like Casper and Endy have been dominating, and even chain brands like Sleep Country have adopted.

I was curious about how these mattresses compare to the in-store experience of actually trying one out and our friends at Casper were nice enough to send me a mattress to try.

Before I detail my experience from delivery to unboxing here’s a bit about Casper’s mattress offering.

Casper has 3 mattresses to choose from: The Wave, The Casper, and The Essential.

The Wave: Designed to respond to your body’s geometry to provide spinal alignment while you sleep. There’s 5 layers of premium foam to give comfort and support. ($2,500 CAD for a Queen)

The Casper (the one I tried): The most popular Casper mattress! This one boasts zoned support to treat your shoulders and hips differently. It gives you better alignment and a deeper sleep. ($1,175 CAD for a Queen)

The Essential: Streamlined design to offer you maximum comfort for a great price! 3 layers of premium foam and an easy-to-clean cover. ($675 CAD for a Queen)

The Casper Mattress came to my door in the signature striped box and it took 2 of us to bring it inside and upstairs. Even though the box is pretty big it fit up my winding staircase very easily, which surprised me! Once the mattress was in the bedroom it was smooth sailing, the box is easy to open and there’s a cute little note inside. It was very easy to slide out of the box, cut the plastic, and roll it out over the bed. I was so surprised how little time it took for the mattress to puff up as soon as we cut the vacuum sealed layer of plastic!! It was a very easy experience.



The mattress itself is soooo comfy, I’ve been getting the best sleep of my life ever since. I have problems with tension in my back and neck but I’ve felt no pain since I started sleeping on this bed. One thing to note is that The Casper is a bit softer than The Wave, so if you like your mattress a little softer The Casper is the way to go!

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