This winter has been pretty tough, it’s extra cold and seems super long. I found myself in a rut, so I started to focus on things that would turn my mood around. I’m sure other people are in the same boat, so I made a guide to beating the winter blues- you’re welcomeeeee!

1. A good work out to get those endorphins pumping! It’s hard to stay motivated in the cold weather but there’s not much a good sweat can’t shake. So, get to the gym, do a yoga class- whatever helps to keep you active.

2. A little retail therapy cures everything… being a student it’s not always that easy. Solution: Get a credit card like BMO-SPC Mastercard that gives you rewards and cash back, and feel way less guilty for splurging a little!

3. Be a little selfish. Whether it’s turning off your phone for a couple hours and taking a bath and giving yourself a facial, or binge watching a Netflix series- take some YOU time

4. Embrace winter activities- Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or trying something different like ice fishing, winter isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well make the most out of it!

5. Pick up a new hobby! I learned how to macrame (SO fun!). Start a hobby you can do at home when the weather is bad and then being stuck at home isn’t so bad.

I’m planning on living my best life in 2018, and I won’t let the winter blues keep me down!