The holiday season is always an expensive time. We want to spoil our family and friends like they deserve, but the way our budget’s are set up… it’s not always possible. Be realistic about holidays this year, it’s okay that you’re on a student budget- there’s definitely ways to save money and still enjoy the gift of giving!

Make your gifts

Sure everyone loves to get materialistic gifts, but you’d be surprised how much people love thoughtful, hand made gifts. It shows effort and is specific to the person you’re making it for… plus saves you $$$

Suggest Kris Kringle

Let’s keep it real, it’s the perfect solution for students. Purchasing one gift is much easier than figuring out gifts for everyone, and it give you an excuse to get together with your besties and spend quality time!

Find the sales!

Most retailers are having big sales during the holiday season, so keep an eye on your emails for special deals, check social media for sales and take advantage of loyalty cards like the SPC Card for exclusive student discounts!

Cash Back

This is the perfect time to use your credit card that offers cash back. When you’re spending more, you’ll be getting more back, every little bit helps. If you don’t have a credit card that offers cash back, check out BMO Free student banking!