Spa days are fantastic, but they’re not cheap – or practical on a student budget. That doesn’t mean you have to skip out on pampering, you just need to find new ways to do it! Like in the comfort of your own home (or dorm room). Here’s our guide on the perfect night of self-pampering!

Set the mood                                                                                                

You don’t need to be at the spa to feel relaxed, you can recreate the vibe at home! Light a few of your favourite candles to get a nice ambiance. If you’re going down the scented route, pick out something with lavender or eucalyptus, even a room spray or incense will work perfectly.

Lay out all you products, and get a good set up going. Your favourite pillows and blankets on your bed, maybe some relaxing music or your fav Netflix series playing in the background!

SPC album recommendation: American Teen – Khalid

Dress for the occasion                                                                              

First things first, hair out of your way, bra off, make up off…

Take your comfort to the next level with your favourite loungewear, whatever makes you feel most comfortable is ideal. We suggest a tank top or short sleeves so you don’t end up with soggy sleeves or constantly needed to roll them up! A fluffy robe and slippers will totally add to the at-home spa feeling.


The Line Up                                                                                                

You’re going to want to hit up a Rexall beforehand to pick up all the product essentials for the night. We’re breaking down the shopping list for you:

  • New serum (you might already have one but it’s always nice to treat your skin to something new)
  • Face mask (or 5)
  • Hair mask – leave this is throughout the night for optimal results
  • Bubble bath
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish (try out a new colour)
  • Anything else that catches your eye!


Get to it                                                                                                        

Once you have everything set up, thank Rexall for providing everything you needed, and start pampering! Relaxation is the goal, so along the way adjust the process to work for you!

Remember to bring your SPC Card into Rexall with you and save 10% on your pamper haul!