There’s nothing I love more than a live sporting event- football, baseball, lacrosse, I don’t care what sport it is, I just have a great time being there.

Unfortunately the way my University budget is set up, there’s no way I’m hitting up sporting events. So I follow #3 on my “Live the life you want without breaking the bank”  list- I’m always entering contests. On the radio, social media, on apps, anything I can!

So last Thursday I finally won!  I won 2 tickets to see the BC Lions and Saskatchewan Rough Riders with BMO Extra Deals– I was amped to see my boys in Orange.

Friday rolls around, class is done at 12 and the game was at 4pm. Trevor and I got there a bit early to check out the tailgating, everyone’s grilling on portable BBQs and throwing around a football, it was dope. It was like one big family, if you were rocking the BC orange, you were in- we even got 2 free hot dogs from another fan.

We got to our seats and the game got started. The fans we’re going nuts, the Lions were killing it- it was awesome. Needless to say, BC slapped the Roughriders and we ended up celebrating with some other fans we met at the stadium.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience at a BC Lions game, especially since it was FREE! Sometimes I used to feel like I’d never be a lucky winner, but you have to enter to have a chance at winning right? I’m glad I did.