We all have a little extra in us, it’s 2017 – how could we not? The extra in us attracts…sorry, needs extra things in life. Some may call it boujee, but we call it a lifestyle. SPC gets it, and so does BMO — which is exactly why we’ve set up BMO Extra Deals for BMO SPC Mastercard holders!

BMO Extra Deals provides exclusive access within the SPC app to offers on concerts, fashion, movies, sports and more! It’s a next level to the SPC membership that you don’t want to miss out on. We just sent lucky members to Wayhome Music & Arts Festival and Boots & Hearts Music Festival!

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Embrace the extra, show it off! Once you’ve experienced the extra deals offers, share them with your friends (aka show off), it’s way more fun this way. Just think of all the Instagram posts you’ll get from all the cool things you’re doing!!!!

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