Banking doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be pricey either. When you bank with BMO and SPC, it’s none of the above. You’re a student, so you might as well get as much out of it while you can. Open a FREE everyday banking account with BMO!

You might be asking “why should I?” …well, here’s why:
  • Unlimited Interac e-transfer transactions
    • Who even carries cash anymore? Now you can easily pay your friends back without having to go to an ATM!
  • FREE SPC Card – You already know how great it is so we won’t get into it
  • Access to BMO Extra Deals within the SPC Card App
    • Exclusive deals to concerts, fashion, movies, sports and more!

So you opened an Everyday Banking account, now what?

Good question, now you should probably manage your finances! Use BMO’s online tool to track your day-to-day finances and manage your budget (lol fun stuff, right?). But in all seriousness, it’s important to deal with all of this, so you might as well take the easy way!

Student budgeting doesn’t suck

Surprise! Making a budget doesn’t have to be the worst thing ever, you just need to use the right tool! AKA the BMO student budget calculator. This will help you plan out how much money you should allocate to different areas of life, and stay on track with your spending.


Now that you’ve got the scoop on the imporant parts of student banking, sign up for a BMO Everyday Banking account! We promise it will all be okay 😊