Bentley is best known for their incredible selection of bags – school bags, travel bags, purses, leather bags, sling bags, you name a bag and they have it! But, thats not all you can shop for at Bentley! You learn something new every day, so today you get to learn about 5 items you didn’t even know were sold at Bentley! WOOO!


Resistance bands

Whaaat! Fitness things? At Bentley? Yup, they go them – no need to go to a specialty store when you can get them here and save 10% with SPC!

Pom Pom Keychain

All the cool kids have them…honestly though this is super cute and you’re guaranteed to be able to find your keys in your bag!


Iridescent headphones

Because why not? They’re fun and fashion-forward…and they block out all the sounds on the bus! Perfect to me!

Sticky notes

You can really never have too many! Plus, there’s variety here! Bentley has you covered for note taking!

Laptop cases

Right down to protecting what you carry in your bag! Laptop cases can get pricey, but Bentley has the cutest at a great price (plus SPC 😉 )


There you have it, now you know what else you can pick up while you’re at Bentley (shopping for your back-to-school bags of course)! Remember to use your SPC Card for 10% off your purchase, and you can even pick up the 2017/2018 card while you’re there.

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