Have you ever caught the perfect picture and wished you had a hard copy to put up in your room or locker? You can’t go to a store and get one artsy picture with your best friend printed… I mean you can, but who has time for that.
HP hooked us up with a Sprocket to try out, and we’re totally obsessed with it. The Sprocket is a portable printer that prints pictures right off your smart phone. Post it on the gram and then print a copy right away, WHEREVER you are.
It was super easy to use- put the HP Zink paper in, download the Sprocket app and connect to your Bluetooth. We printed our favourite pictures, and obviously posted them all over our work space.
One of the most convenient features of the Sprocket is it’s INK FREE. Guess who doesn’t have to worry about running out of ink- we don’t.

Print your favourite memories, wherever you are. It’s the perfect accessory for every adventure.

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