All you had to do was read that title and you already start to shudder and think of all the things you might have done wrong. Have you talked down on someone recently? Forgot about plans you made a while back? Maybe you forgot to answer a text? WHAT IS SO FUNNY?

If there’s one signal that you’ve done something wrong, it’s a sentence starting with “I just think it’s funny how…”. We’ve all been on the receiving and giving end of this phrase, whether or not we’re proud of it. Not only is it passive aggressive, it’s usually used to dig up old fights and resurface them. And if it’s EXTRA passive aggressive you know it’s going more like “I just find it funny how…like I don’t care but I just think it’s pretty funny, you know?”

In defence of the phrase, it’s the best way to show someone you’re upset. Nobody ever assumes you’re about to tell a joke…they KNOW you’re about to lay it on ’em and go off on anything and everything they’ve ever done wrong. By starting off with “I just think it’s funny how” you are either giving them a chance to prepare themselves for what’s to come OR giving them a chance to run.

Let’s face it, most girls will find something funny at some point, and it usually has to do with their man acting up – it’s the reality of modern romance….maybe it’s been part of romance from the beginning of time…


A while back we wrote about Fighting Words, and it’s probably safe to say that this phrase should be added to the list of words and phrases that are guaranteed to start a fight. Talk about what’s so funny with caution, and be prepared for it to not go your way.