It’s just an average Tuesday morning, sitting at my desk, when I receive a DM on Instagram from a stranger. Not all that unusual, my profile is open so I’m used to that. But this time, the stranger was informing me of something VERY unusual – my identity was stolen on social media.

Turns out, someone has been been using my Instagram pictures and bio to create a fake Tinder and Instagram account. The profile had a slightly different name than my own, but they had taken my own Instagram bio, nickname, and pictures to create a catfish. The icing on the cake? One of the selfies they posted of me was deleted from my own profile in December…which means they’ve had it on stock since then! Rumour has it, catfishes are usually people you know…so which one of my friends is it?


I have previously mentioned my love/hate relationship with Instagram, and lemme tell you…this whole situation really did not help Instagram’s case. I deleted my Instagram account in May, then came back online only to deal with some cyber-bullying, so this was really the last thing I needed.

The important thing to do, is report the account to Instagram. Get everyone you know to report the account to Instagram! Luckily for me, my friends were all as freaked out as I was and went crazy reporting the account to get it taken down as fast as possible. Unfortunately, Instagram took about 4 days to have the account deleted – which seems like a pretty long time considering how many people reported it.

Of course, being the pot-stirrer I am, I just had to message this person for myself. Even now that the account is gone, I’m so curious to know who was behind it. So, I took it to the DM’s to have a little bit of fun…

I didn’t get a response, but at least whoever it was now knew that I was aware of the account. Although, I will say that whoever it was had a lot of courage using the pictures of someone in their area, as well as continuing to use the account after I messaged them!

They did accept a follow request from a friend of mine so I have screenshots of each post, so I at least have so receipts for a rainy day. You never know when receipts will come in handy, especially when someone is pretending to be you online…





As for the Tinder account, I wasn’t able to find it so I can’t actually report it. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. For now, I’m crossing my fingers that I can a) find out who was doing this and b) make sure it doesn’t happen all over again. Stay safe online people!!!