My mind is telling me to power through and do what I gotta do, but the bags under my eyes are telling me to go back to bed.

It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I will never get a decent nights sleep ever again. What does it feel like to be well-rested? What did I look like without the dark circles under my eyes? Hmm? Hmmmmmm?!! So I did what any 20-something on the verge of losing their mind does – I turned to google.

So once I filtered through the 25,500,000 results, I realized that I’ve tried pretty much every suggestion provided, and none of them really helped all that much.

I’ve decided that I will live the rest of my life in exhaustion, and I might as well invest in some really good under-eye concealer (like this one available at HQHair – save 10% with SPC). The next thing I can do, is accept it and deal with it the same way I deal with all ‘problems’ I face: use humour as a coping mechanism…

When you gotta take advantage of every opportunity to get some shut-eye

Honestly at this point, a light coma is the only thing that can cure the dark circles…


That circumstance being my minds inability to shut down


Tfw I finally manage to get an hour of sleep in

Do you see the problem here?


Hopefully, through humour, I will be able to sleep tonight so I no longer look and feel like a zombie. I am very very tired.