We got lost in the adventure through 1000 planets with Valerian!
We loved the dynamic between the main characters- def some underlying romantic tension that you were patiently anticipating blowing up!
Most of the action takes place in a city called Alpha (Basically, a present-day equivalent would the International Space Station) where once we get passed the opening sequence is home to thousands of different species and millions of inhabitants! It was insane.

Our fav characters were the trio of creatures called Shingouz, that basically have a vast memory bank of knowledge divided amongst the 3 of them BUT if you want info from them it will cost you!

Of course as we’ve seen in the trailer for the movie RiRi makes an appearance (if you haven’t seen the trailer… SURPRISE) and while at first glance it didn’t seem like it was a big role, she played a crucial part in the overarching story line. Nothing is the same without RiRi.
All in all, what kind of blew our mind the most was the idea of Alpha station and that if that’s where we are headed in the future we all better get comfortable with the vastness of space sooner rather than later- we’re READY for this upgrade!
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