Despite my love/hate relationship with Instagram, I know I will always have a profile and continue to update on a fairly regular basis. Over the years, it’s become very clear that there is one particular type of post that I lean towards the most – THIRST TRAPS.  I am addicted to sharing thirst traps on my social media. I’m not at all sorry about it.

Thirst trap (noun);
Any statement or picture used to intentionally create attention or “thirst”

Anyone who knows me, will tell you I’m quite comfortable with who I am and how I look….making it incredibly easy for me to feel comfortable sharing thirst traps with my followers. But I wouldn’t say my intentions go beyond wanting to share the picture, I’m not really trying to bring anyone in. I don’t want anyone to message me, or “come back”, I just want to share a picture of myself that I think is really fire…

Mind you…I can’t say I hate the attention 😉

Just because I’m posting a certain type of photo, doesn’t mean I’m a certain type of person. I’ve had a lot of people bring up my thirst traps, with assumptions and negative connotations – at the end of the day there’s nothing negative about it. It’s just another picture of myself, what is so bad about that? I’m all for scrolling through my feed and seeing other girls comfortable with themselves and posting photos they feel great about.

I’m never going to stop posting thirst traps, and nobody can make me. I urge my friends to post them all the time. Why keep a photo you love to yourself? If you think you look great and you’re happy with how the picture turned out you 100% should feel good about showing it off. It’s not narcissistic or anything to be ashamed of.

This all being said, there’s no shame in not wanting to share certain photos – our social media profiles are our own and whatever you choose to post is up to you. Nobody is in a position to judge one another.

As long as I have Instagram, I will have thirst traps <3