I’m sure we’ve all at some point tried to figure out which character on Friends is our favourite, or which one we’re most similar too…or even who in our own friend group matches each character. But we’ve been neglecting the amazing characters outside of the core six; or at least one in particular.

Susan is the most underrated character on Friends.

We often hear about Gunther being underrated but honestly, he’s got nothing on Susan. She’s blunt, witty, a little bit petty…she’s amazing. Here’s a list of reasons why she’s the most underrated:

1. She hated Ross before it was cool…

2. She refused to sit back and let gender roles win

3. Her “done with you face” is what we all imagine we look like


4. She was never afraid to put Ross in his place

5. Her sarcasm was truly iconic

6. Aside from all her sarcastic comments and perfectly executed insults directed at Ross, she was always there for Ben and Carol <3


There you have it, Susan Bunch was the MOST underrated character on Friends and really deserves more recognition (even though she only had like a total of 20 minutes of air time).