SPC has been holding onto something very special for a couple years now, patiently waiting for the right moment to release it. As much as we wanted to share this, we never  seemed to find a time that felt right – until now. In light of recent events in a particular staff member’s life (who may or may not be writing this right now) we have made the decision to share with you the most incredible thing you will EVER need.

The Official SPC Guide to Ghosting

We’ve broken down when it’s ok to ghost and when it 100% is NOT. We really thought that by 2017 this would no longer be needed…but society has clearly not evolved and we still drop people like they meant absolutely nothing to us. Sad, isn’t it? Apparently somewhere between 2011-2012 we decided to tolerate the f*ckboy (and f*ckgirl) and allow them to drop us when they find someone knew. Ghosting became second nature to us because we’re too immature to handle relationships or reality in general…um helloooooooo people have feelings!!!

If you think we’re kidding around with this guide, you’ve got it all wrong. We put endless hours into working this out and took over an entire wall in the office to make sure this chart is ALL you need. Seriously:

Refer to this chart before you even think about ghosting someone, or check it out if you think someone had absolutely no right to ghost you. This is fool proof and works every time – trust me.


Oh ya we know you’ll pull this out at all times so we made it into a handy-dandy lil PDF file that you can keep close your heart. Of course, we hope that you won’t need to use it…but we know how dating in 2017 works.

Protect your heart, friends. May you be cleansed of f*ckboys 🙂