Have you ever read a tweet or a insta caption and knew 100% directed toward you? Or you get that punch-in-the-gut feeling when you see your significant other liking a half-naked, pic of their ex on vacation…
Like, how does he not understand that you liking 15 of this girls pictures in a row is kind of insulting to her as your girlfriend?

How does she not understand that tweeting subliminals and posting memes when she’s feeling salty instead of talking to you drives a wedge in between your relationship?
But all this is normal, it’s the digital era we live in. We’re the generation of situationships and messy “dating”. It’s how we’re conditioned to deal with our feelings
Upset? Post about it

Happy? Post about it

You don’t want to talk to someone anymore? Don’t tell them, just unfollow them on instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
Like someone? Tag them in memes or post Drake lyric caption
If your significant other doesn’t post you on Instagram, are you guys even together?
What happened to relationships being two people dating each other- I didn’t sign up to date you PLUS the 1, 682 followers on Social Media. Maybe if we focus more on living life instead of posting about it- we’ll have more successful relationships. You can thank me later