Hey guys, I’m Corinne! I’m currently an Accounting & Finance student and I’m so excited to start posting for you! Money talk can be boring but I’m pretty sure I can break it down to help you out.

Let’s go over budgeting/dealing with expenses…in a way that still leaves you $$$ to spend on the fun stuff. The issue with having your parents build your budget is that they don’t think of it as a student our age. Our parents tend to have a pretty steady income and know when and where their money is coming from. Us on the other hand? The money we make is random and comes from so many sources. Summer jobs, birthday/holiday money from relatives, the odd part-time job we get through school…it’s not consistent like our parents. Not to mention, we don’t spend our money the same way.

Track everything

Start with a list of any possible ways you make money, like literally down to the spare change you find in your pockets. Track ALL your inflows of cash, even if its just a couple dollars. Knowing where your money comes from will help you get a better picture of what you have to work with. Then you can start noticing the trends, around your birthday you’ll get a certain amount from relatives, once you go back to your summer job you can predict that income.

Where do you REALLY spend money?

Top 3 things I spend money on: Clothes, food, and nights out.

I already know from Thursday-Saturday there’s a 98% chance I’ll be at bars. It’s the reality of things. I also know that every month I need to pay my phone bill – that won’t change. Start with the expenses you’re guaranteed to pay each month and set aside money for those first.

The left over cash can be divided up, if you go out more than you shop set less money aside for new clothes and so on. I always set aside part of the money I have for safety – if something comes up at school or if something breaks and needs to be replaced.

Think ahead

I know that I make significantly less money during the school year compared to the summer. This is the time to save up as much as I can for when I go back on campus. Each pay check I get during the summer gets split up, cpart of it can be used for the summer and the rest gets put aside. Think about your expenses during the school year – textbooks, entertainment, food etc. If you’re like me, and living back at home for the summer its so much easier to save $$$.


Budgeting and dealing with expenses doesn’t need to be complicated, just pay attention to the money coming in and the money going out. It’s going to take time to fully realize each and every little thing you spend money on but eventually it will all be figured out.