In recent news, an Australian millionaire has claimed that the reason millennials can’t afford to buy homes is because they’re spending their money on $22 avocado toast and multiple $4 coffees. While it’s true that we do enjoy the finer toasts in life, this isn’t the direct reason we’ve slowed down on house-buying. It might have a little more to do with the economy (smart statement, Ariana).

But guess what old business people, I will continue to enjoy my $22 avocado toast with my girlies at brunch AND buy a house. If there’s one thing millennials are good at, it’s getting what we want (thanks to our total sense of entitlement), so if we want to buy a house we’ll do what it takes to get there.

Basically, we’ve all had quite enough of the put-downs from older generations. Each one is different than the one that came before – because the whole world is changing. So instead of blaming our cool food trends for our inability to afford larger purchases, help us work on an economy that can work for us in the long run.


And realistically, if things keep going the way they are theres’ a pretty good chance NOBODY will own their own home …so I might as well enjoy my avocado toast while it’s still trendy.