Okay so…maybe not the MOST iconic but honestly, this rom com scene will just get you every time.

We all need a good rom com in our lives, the one that’s there for us indefinitely. We can watch it any time and know that it will make everything better. For me, that movie is Notting Hill. I can watch this particular scene on repeat all day every day. I can recite it word for word and feel the emotions of both characters. This scene is everything.

Brace yourself, your heart is about to be ripped out and then thrown back in and sewn up again. Am I dramatic?


I can’t tell if I’m more Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts in this clip. His raw honesty of the fact that if she left him again he wouldn’t be able to get through it, he has to remove himself from the relationship because of his fear of getting hurt. Don’t even try to tell me you’ve never been here. You’re so into someone and you know that if they hurt you again, you will never recover. It’s insanely difficult to remove yourself from the situation with the strongest feelings. I get you, Hugh.

As Anna hears that ‘no’ and she has to stand there and act strong as she gets turned down by the one she loves…are you kidding? Just step on my heart while you’re at it.

Then we have her last line that literally punches you in the gut. She’s just a girl, standing in front of a boy…asking 👏 him 👏 to 👏 love👏 her👏. The hurt in her eyes and the strain in her voice as she reminds him how simple it really is, while being so complicated. That reminder that at the end of it all that she’s just a girl and being turned down by someone you love is never easy, and vulnerability isn’t always easy to show.

Now didn’t that just change your life? Couldn’t you watch it over and over until the tears finally stop rolling down your cheeks? Pretty iconic.