Sometimes you just need a break. If you’ve been checking up on the blog for the past month you’ll have noticed that things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies, mostly salt and tears. Victoria and Ariana are stepping back from social media and temporarily disabling Instagram accounts. It’s a good thing…we think.

Why are you taking a break from Instagram?

Victoria: welllllll… the simple version is it’s hard to get over someone when you can see their whole life on social media. The longer version has more to do with my need to unplug for a while. I found myself more into my phone than the things and people around me… life will pass you by and I want to remember living it, not just having pictures for the gram.

Ariana: I spend way too much time lurking and focusing on what other people are doing. I end up getting hurt every time I see what certain people are liking. I compare myself to other girls way too much and it’s starting to really bug me. Not to mention, I’m constantly thinking about my next post; is it insta-worthy? Will ___ like it? And then the viscous cycle of not feeling good enough blah blah blah

How long will your break be?

Victoria: As long as it takes for me to become less reliant on Social Media.

Ariana: I’m trying to stick to two whole weeks, at the end of it I might decide to stay off longer or just slowly re-introduce it. It’s only been one day and I’m stressing so we’ll see.

Has anyone noticed you’re gone?

Victoria: The first couple of days people noticed, but it’s been about 10 days and no one has noticed since. Works for me though, less of a reminder that it’s gone.

Ariana: My parents. They’re very concerned…they think something terrible is happening in my life. Aside from them, a few friends have texted me about it but I don’t think it’s been long enough for people to even realize.

What are you going to miss about it?

Victoria: I miss seeing what my friends are doing or keeping people updated on what I’m doing, especially since I don’t get to see most of my friends on a regular basis… but I won’t miss the feeling I got after I was creeping

Ariana: Constantly knowing what’s going on…and outfit inspiration…and just all the posts. Like what’s happening in the world? What is Kim Kardashian up to? Is Donald Trump still president?