It’s been 9 days since I temporarily deactivated my Instagram account…and I don’t think I’ll reactivate anytime soon.

When I first made the decision to take a break I truly thought I wouldn’t last longer than three days, my friends and family bet I wouldn’t even last 24 hours. I really was an Instagram addict and thats exactly why this break has been so healthy for me.

I think the best thing about this time off of the app, is realizing how unhealthy my social media habits were. There is no reason for me to refresh my feed constantly – I don’t need to know what everyone is doing at all times. I also don’t need to know who is liking who’s picture or who is following who. And, I especially don’t need to compare myself to the people I follow.

Not to mention the constant “struggle” to get the perfect picture…

I spent so much time trying to get Insta-worthy pics that I forgot to actually enjoy what I was doing. When it came to pictures of myself, I became super hard on myself and would end up feeling really down if I didn’t like how I looked that day. It’s so ridiculous!

Instagram gives me a rollercoaster of confidence/insecurity levels. The instant gratification and validation of the likes I get on a picture would completely boost my confidence until I started to notice who wasn’t liking my picture, or I’d start to wonder why this picture wasn’t getting as many likes as my previous one. It’s a constant up and down of feeling really great about myself…and then really really crappy.

I think removing myself from the temptations of creeping, and putting myself in terrible situations has made me feel so much better and by the time I do go back online my bad Instagram habits will be broken. At the end of the day, social media isn’t great for our mental health, and giving it up (temporarily) has made me feel so much better.

For now, I’m just really enjoying living life without worrying about getting a perfect picture to post on Instagram.