This past weekend our one true love, Drake, claimed the record for most Billboard awards won in one night. Our hearts couldn’t handle seeing him up on stage, accepting his awards (especially when he called out Vanessa Hudgens), and we definitely couldn’t keep ourselves together with all his Instagram posts. While some might argue that Drake didn’t deserve to win all those awards, we’ve come up with 13 reasons he deserved all 13 awards.

1. He’s Drake
2. The hype around Views was insane
3. Nobody reps Canada (Toronto) quite like Drake
4. He had an ICONIC performance in the middle of a fountain in front of the Bellagio
5. He’s Drake
6. We already know More Life is going to clean up at the next award show
7. He looked absolutely adorable in his polo sweater
8. He’s insanely appreciative of his team and the people around him
9. He supports other artists
10. His Instagram captions are A+
11. Even if you don’t like his music, you like him
12. He’s just so nice to look at
13. He’s Drake

Need we say more? @champagnepapi we love you <3