“Oh hey, didn’t see you there” – Me to my IBTs

So you’re part of the itty bitty t*tty committee too? Welcome. This is a safe, judgement free zone. We are all in this together, and we will get through this. One A-cup at a time.

After many years spent wishing a second puberty would come my way, I’ve accepted my IBTs and all they have to offer – and what might that be? Well for starters I can forget they’re there and carry on with day-to-day tasks – sans cupping.

**DISCLAIMER: there is no shaming here, we’re all made perfectly and our different body types are all beautiful**

So maybe you want to treat your IBTs well and keep ’em covered in lots of cuteness, meet your new favourite bralette:

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Your IBTs will thank you, so you can thank us 😉

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