I get it, the games are fun and keep things exciting…but at what point can we ditch them and just get real? All I want is to be able to openly say how I feel without looking absolutely crazy, and I’m not talking about pour-my-heart-out-puffy-eyed-crying. I just want to beat around the bush and understand what is really going on.

Once you’ve passed high school and moved onto the so-called “real world”, I think it’s fair to want to be real with people in your life. I’m not even just talking about in the dating world, there are so many times we have friend drama and instead of just being upfront we start with passive-agressive messages and assuming our friends know what went wrong. But here’s a reality: unless you actually say how you feel, people can only make assumptions. Assumptions are the mother of all problems.

How many times have you been dragged along by someone you’re into and just let it happen because you don’t want to:
a) Show vulnerability
b) Look TOO into them
c) End up getting hurt

Too many. The answer is too many. Stop this!!!

Games are for children and if you want to start finding mature relationships ya gotta cut the crap, my dear. Be honest with yourself and if you need to tell someone how you you feel, or you need to know how they feel you should be able to just talk to them about it. I feel like I should clarify timelines (lol), I wouldn’t say this is like a first week of knowing them type of thing, but if you’ve been investing time into this person you are more than entitled to real conversations.

It’s 2017 people, we’re trying to eliminate f*ckboys, so we might as well throw away the games while we’re at it.