I am whole-heartedly a girly girl. I love lip gloss, pink, shopping, a cheesy rom-com, you name it and I am obsessed. With this lifestyle I’ve chosen, sports were tossed to the side once I turned 7 years old. I use the term ‘sports’ lightly, I wasn’t hardcore competing for trophies or anything…my parents had me in soccer, taekwondo, swimming, tennis, and probably something else I really hated. Once those were cut out of my life I became oblivious to anything and everything sports related (except for like guys who play sports… that’s hot).

Now here I am, in Toronto during the prime of sporting events (from what I’ve heard), and I am partially lost. Last year I got into basketball which was a huge accomplishment and now I want to learn about all the sports.

So if you’re like me, and just want to know enough to keep a conversation going with a cute boy (or girl), this post is for you!

**DISCLAIMER: I am not a valid source of sports information this is all taken from my mind**

So what even are ‘the sports’?

So the main ones are hockey, football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. For the purpose of this blog I’m focusing on the sports that resonate most with me and ignoring all the others 🙂

Hockey is finally coming to an end so we don’t need to worry about that one so much right now. The Toronto Maple Leafs just got cut so they can’t win the Stanley Cup.

Football is very confusing, I know there are yards and you need to get the ball to the end zone for a touchdown. I would suggest watching football without bothering to learn anything about how it works, it’s incredibly exciting to watch grown men tackle each other and wait to see if they can get up.

Soccer is fairly easy to understand, the ball gets kicked around and as long as you can follow the ball you’re golden. Watching it isn’t too boring, soccer players are usually quite attractive:

Basketball is probably my favourite, it’s super easy to follow and understand how the points are scored. It’s also really fast-paced and exciting to watch. Plus, if you’re from Toronto you’re kinda obligated to support the Raptors – it’s a rule I didn’t make it up.

Ok lastly, baseball. This is probably the most boring sport. A game lasts for hours upon hours and it takes forever to get points. What is fun about it? Actually going to a baseball game and drinking beer.


You might be thinking “Cool Ariana, but this didn’t really help”:

I never claimed to be an expert, this is just what I think you should know. I am still learning. A good way to learn is to either go to a sports bar and try and figure out why people are cheering, or go to a game and do the same thing.

It’s all about knowing enough so that when someone mentions a big game, instead of saying “oh ya I heard that was an important game” you can engage in conversation.