Learning how to find the square root of 999 (it’s 31.6 in case you were wondering) and how to figure out the slope of a tangent line is all fine and dandy, but have I ever used that knowledge in real life?…. no. I’m sure one day I will (I won’t) but up until now, I haven’t. There are a couple things that I feel would’ve been useful to learn instead…
1. How to date
2. That balance is key
3. How to manage money
4. That my body wasn’t going to be able to handle fast food forever
5. You will forget things if you don’t write it down
6. How essential sleep is
7. Doing assignments the night before is actually the WORST idea
8. How to do my taxes
9. Dry shampoo is a life saver
10. How to deal with heartbreak
I kind of wish that instead of learning some less-than useful math equations someone told me that the cure for a break up is a girls night full of ice cream and Drake. Or since the idea of filing my taxes gives me worse anxiety than watching the three dots on my iPhone waiting for a response, I can use UFile and avoid ALL of that worry. I would have loved to know that eating crappy food and not exercising would catch up with me and I would regret staying up till 4:30 am binge watching Netflix when I have 8 am class every time. If there could have been a relationships 101 in school, I would’ve taken it in a heartbeat, because I do NOT understand dating… and WHYYY did no one tell me how expensive it is to be a student?
It’s okay, because growing up is a process and I’m learning, slowly  but surely.