Same Name, New Look!
As a fan of the original Power Rangers (circa 1993) I was expecting a lot from this movie. How would they incorporate the original MMPR while also keeping it fresh for this century? Would they be able to satisfy fans of old and gain a new following? What does morphing look like? What do the Zords look like? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!
First things first, I love that all 5 “teenagers with attitude” Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack, had the same names from the original series. With the addition of a diverse group of actors to portray the Rangers they were all able to stay true to their characters traits from the original show. While I did miss the comic relief presence of Bulk and Skull (the bullies in the original series), Blue Ranger Billy more than made up for it with his one-liners and knack for blowing things up.
To kick things off we go way back to discover how the Power Coins ended up where they are. Eventually, they will be discovered by the 5 teens, that all just happen to all be at the right place at the right time. That series of events leads up to the re-introduction of Elizabeth Banks’, Rita Repulsa. At this point she’s been asleep for some time and you could say she looks it when you get a first glimpse of her. While her mission is still the same (essentially to destroy Earth), her methods of going about it are carried out directly by her, which allows for a much darker Rita than the original in her beef against the Rangers.
When the action kicks off in the movie, you could sense that everyone in the theatre was waiting to hear those 3 magical words. Then it finally happened and none other than Red Ranger, said… “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” Everyone lost it, cheered and it was off to fight the bad guy with their newly discovered armor AND Zords!!!! Not gonna spoil it but you HAVE to see these Zords.
Power Rangers is out in theatres Friday March 24th and whether you are a fan of the original wanting to relive your childhood dream of being a Ranger (yes, I wanted to be a Power Ranger) or checking it out for the first time, you should just go see it!
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