John Wick, the Boogeyman himself is BACK and out for REVENGE…. again. It’s kind of his thing. Now, I’m not talking a little explosion here, one or two people getting injured over there, it was more like… everybody is going DOWN.

In the first John Wick we saw one of the most feared hit-man come out of retirement and avenge the death of his beloved dog (saddest moment of life) and ensure the return of his car.

John Wick came, took out everyone in his way, got his revenge and returned to the retired life (with his new dog, who remains nameless). That is, until a unwanted guest pays John a visit and requires him to repay a debt. Wick is NOT down, but has no choice but try and fulfill the task.

If you thought John Wick was going to be forced back into the life he left behind with ease, you were incorrect! When it is all said and done, John Wick has to face the ultimate price. But we won’t reveal too much.

This movie took the excitement up 10 notches and kept you at the edge of your seat. Not to mention, Canadian Keanu Reeves, is a babe. If you’re down for a great action flick, go check out John Wick 2 in theatres TONIGHT! You can thank me later!