“You should stay in and focus on catching up on your school work during reading week….”
I mean.. you probably should try and get work done at SOME point, but you deserve some “YOU TIME”.
You need to recuperate- give your poor eyes and brain a rest from those textbooks. Your feet need rest from rushing from class to class and most importantly your fingers need a rest from speed typing a 15 page paper over night (not that you leave assignments until the last minute or anything).
The point is… you need to RELAX!
1. Movie/ TV show Marathon
One of our favourite pass times and something we def don’t get enough of when we’re in school. Snooze on HEAVY repeat.
3. Pamper yourself
Stress can take a toll on that money maker so you gotta get it back looking flawless! Get your glow on!
4. Hang out with your friends
Sometimes we get so busy with school and responsibilities we don’t get to spend time with our friends like we’d like to, use this time to catch up!

5. Cook up a storm!
You got the time, use it! Find a new recipe and make something delicious for you and your besties!

I don’t want to say I’m encouraging you to be lazy, but I’m encouraging you to be lazy. K, have fun! You can thank me later!