So I was craving something sweet, one of those cravings that if I didn’t get a sugar overload ASAP everyone was about to cassshhh an attitude, you know? I get hangry.

ANYWAYS-  I went to Yogurty’s to get some delicious froyo and was debating, do I want a crunchy cone or do I just want my frozen yogurt in a cup. Luckily, I didn’t have to choose. The new Hong Kong Waffles was a CLEAR choice.

So picture this!

I got favourite frozen yogurt (Birthday Cake with banana and chocolate shaving topping, in case you were wondering) in a soft, made fresh to order fluffy waffle cone.  IT WAS TO DIE FOR!
(My face, the ENTIRE time)

So, after patiently waiting, I sat down to enjoy my frozen yogurt in this heavenly Hong Kong Waffle and LET ME TELL YOU! I was NOT disappointed. There is NOTHING like a FRESH waffle with frozen yogurt smothered in bananas and chocolate- I was a happy camper. Now, anytime I’m craving something sweet, I’m heading to Yogurty’s! Extra bonus- you receive 10% off when you use your SPC Card! You can thank me later!