2017 is about crossing things off my bucket list. Yesterday I completed number 14- skydiving. Well…. indoor skydiving (baby steps). It was a crazy experience!
I headed to iFLY yesterday afternoon ready for an adrenaline rush. I signed the waivers, did an awesome tour around the facility and watched the group before me fly.
We got brought into a room for a short training session where we learnt:
1) The hand signals (I was going to forget all of them),
2) How to position our body (does my body arch like that?)
3) Important things to remember (probably going to try and remember this)
The anticipation started building, I was getting a little nervous (okay, a lot nervous)– then it was my turn. I went and put on my suit, goggles, ear plugs and helmet and got into the chamber.  It was like preparing to go into a spaceship, it was loud and you felt the wind from the giant fan.
First fly: I was all over the place: “I don’t remember the hand signals, oh no. Can I do this? Everyone else did it… you can do it- JUMP! HEY I’M FLYING!”

Second fly: I wasn’t nervous anymore, I was ready to go in again. I got higher this time and when it was over I could not wait for my final fly!

Third and final fly: So at this point, I’m basically a professional skydiver (…basically). It was the longest fly and the instructor Greg took me to the very top! That was hands down the best part of the experience.

If you’re down for an adventure, ready to try something new and exciting this is DEFINITELY for you.
SPC and iFLY are teaming up to give you and a 20% off the two-flight introductory package. You can thank me later!