When it comes to shampoos and conditioners I don’t believe in monogamous committed relationships- I believe in exploring, collecting and using whatever particular product you happen to be in the mood for. Sometimes you need a deep cleans from a clarifying product, sometimes you want to relax with a lovely scent; either way, there’s no reason to expect one product to do it all. It’s this life philosophy that has admittedly cluttered my bathroom drawers, but has also made me quite the hair cleansing expert.  So naturally, when Trade Secrets sent over this set I jumped at the chance to test…..and add to my collection
Here we go!
Macadamia Professional Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask.
First considerations:
Bottles- cute look, earth tone, goes well with my bathroom esthetic
Smell- delicious, natural nutty scent, not too strong
Let’s get washing
Lathers up very easily, I probably ended up using triple the necessary amount. This stuff will last! Washes out easily, doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry- always a huge bonus!
Was admittedly difficult to squeeze out of the bottle, a few aggressive shakes later I was in business. The conditioner spread easily, this is definitely one of those thicker formulas. Washed out fairly effortlessly and left my hair super soft and shiny. There was a bit of a residue but it certainly did enough to impress me.
WOWZA. I can elaborate, but just try it yourself. The results were actually similar to a fancy salon hair treatment I once got talked into. Note- to really amplify the results I left the mask on for about 20 mins and covered my head with a plastic bag.
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