It’s about to be a WHAT? Fist fight! So, we checked out Fist Fight yesterday featuring Ice Cube and Charlie Day… we were in TEARS.

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So we have Mr. Stickland (Ice Cube), no one really knows his story. There’s lots of made up rumours that he was in a gang as the enforcer or a cop that got revenge on criminals who got off charges. Then we have Mr. Campbell (Charlie Day), who is a big push over and gets no respect.

So on Senior Prank Day (I don’t know if you had one of these, but it was one of my favourite memories in high school, I’ll blog about it another time!) an incident happens in the classroom with Mr. Stickland and Mr.Campbell are both there for. The principle threatens to fire both teachers if someone didn’t own up to what happened.

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Mr.Campbell has a family and a baby on the way, he cant get fired. So he snitches. And then… IT’S ON. Mr.Stickland is coming for him and he is NOT ready. He then faces a whole slew of problems trying to avoid the fight.

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My favourite part was the school talent show with his Mr.Campbell and his 7 year old daughter. I won’t ruin it, but let’s just say they make Big Sean proud!

So, do they end up fighting? Is it the fight of the year? Does someone get KOed? WATCH IT! In theatres FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17th! You can thank me later!