We survived 2016. Two snaps for everyone! Now it’s time to jump into 2017 with both feet and make it the BEST year it can possibly be! Here are 10 things we are going to try and implement into our daily lives to make sure we have a healthy, successful and happy year!

1. Make smarter choices with money. Wait for sales, use discount cards when applicable, COOK AT HOME! (I swear I’d be rich if I didn’t buy food!)
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2. Be more health conscious. Our bodies are the best, they deserve to be treated as such. Exercise and have good eating habits.
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3. LOVE yourself. From your head to your toes and everything in between. No one can be you better than YOU.
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4. Try new things! Shake it up fam, stop doing the same old boring things you do every weekend- try something different!
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5. Celebrate your wins. You’re making moves, be proud!
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6. Stop complaining- work HARDER. If you’re not where you want to be, put more into it.
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7. Set goals- then REACH them! Cross every one off your list this year.
Image result for bulls eye emoji pngs8. Have guilt-free days where you do NOTHING. You need to unwind once in a while!
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9. Regularly try and do something kind for someone else.
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10. Do things that make you HAPPY!
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We’re planning on taking this year over, are you with us? You can thank me later!