So, the end of high school is near… now what? Should you pursue a post secondary education or jump into the work force? There are so many questions to ask and decisions to be made, where do you even start? Don’t worry, we are here to HELP!

5 reasons Ontario’s colleges are a great choice for post-secondary education:

1. Innovative programs

A lot people don’t know it, but Ontario’s colleges are leaders in areas like technology, entrepreneurship and research – so the education you get TODAY can help prepare you for new and exciting jobs in the future.

2. Workforce ready

Speaking of jobs, we all know employers look favourably on candidates with post-secondary education. Recent studies show that 84% of college grads find work within 6 MONTHS of graduation. Hello, $$$$!

3. Variety of ways to learn.

Along with time spent in class, Ontario college programs offer valuable hands-on opportunities through apprenticeships, co-ops and work studies, so you get a taste of both academic learning and hands-on practice in your field.

4. Real industry expertise.

College programs are taught by experienced industry professionals, so you’ll gain the knowledge and skills of your industry from people who have actually been in it. Colleges are also known for strong connections in the community, so you’ll benefit from industry partnerships!

5. Graduate with less debt (let’s be real, money doesn’t grow on trees!)

The average tuition costs for Ontario college programs are significantly lower than other post-secondary options, so you’ll have less of a financial burden on graduation day.

Is college starting to sound good? ? Download the Ontario Colleges App to check out thousands of programs and start researching the BEST decision for YOU! You can thank me later!