2016 has come to an end (Thank sweet baby Yeezus!)  We have faith that 2017 will be full of good music and fire fashion trends… for the most part. The SPC Staff have debated and discussed and these are our predictions for the upcoming year (that BETTER be better than 2016 or we’re convinced the world is going to explode)…


Taylor swift was dragged through 2016, so this year she isn’t just making a come back, she’s making a CLAP back! She is coming for all those who messed with her in 2016 with a VENGANCE.
– Patrick
Tory Lanez is going to follow in Drakes footsteps as the next HUGE Canadian hip hop artist. 2016 Tory made his debut but 2017 he’s about to make waves in the music industry!
– Victoria
Alternative music takes over- Lumineers, BANKS, Kiiara, they’re the next up!
– Chrystal


Modest Kim K- alright, the Kardasian-Wests have made enough noise for a while. This year Kim is focusing on herself, her babies and Kanye.
– Patrick
Kloe & Tristan will get engaged. We have a good feeling that this is it ya’ll, the moment she (and we) have been waiting for since her sticky divorce with Lemar! We predict that the couple will be engaged by the end of the year!
– Victoria
JLo & Drake are the couple of the year. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! One of the HOTTEST women in the industry for the past 20 years and Champagne Papi himself- I can’t. They are the couple of 2017, hands down (please stay together)
– Victoria


Cringe worthy 90’s fashions are coming back. While we’re obsessed with chokers and over sized jean jackets, we predict the tacky 90s apparel and accessories might try and creep back from the depths of the 90s.
– Patrick

Thigh highs is a trend that we are down for. HOT HOT HOT. Thigh highs all year, we LOVE them.
– Agnes

Clear accessories- the trend setter Kanye himself started it- but transparent accessories are going to take over 2017.
– Chrystal


NBA – Cavs
NFL – New England Pats
CFL- Stampeders
NHL – Bruins
MLB – Blue Jays 🙂 (For the love of Bautista!)
UFC – Conor McGregor headlines all year!


We’re hoping this year is one of the best years in fashion, beauty and most exciting in celebrity drama! We’re ready for you 2017!