Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, BUT these staples from Topshop Topman at Hudson’s Bay will help get you through the holiday season looking hot af wherever you go!

Longline coat- can you say sophisticated?

Quilted Wool Coat
topshop1Jodi Blk in the Quilted Wool Coat. Source: jodiblk.com

Longline Wool-Blend Coat

Chunky heels are taking over- go get you a pair!

Million Sock Boots and Merlot Sequin Boots

A go-to party dress. Work that room girl!

Lightning Mini Dress

topshop4Jodi Blk in the Lightning Mini Dress. Source: @jodiblk

Personally, my favourite trend right now, bombers are slaying!

Longling Bomber

topshop5Queen St. Personal Shopper Jessica Luffman in the Longling Bomber. Source: @jluffman

Topshop Topman at Hudson’s Bay is keeping you looking fabulous season after season. But, with the holidays around the corner, remind your friends and family they can receive 10-15% off regular priced items using their SPC Card. Perfect way to send a hint. If you don’t have these staples in your wardrobe this holiday season, you might not make it through! It’s more than a want, its a need! At least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves. . You and your wardrobe can thank me later!

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