(and no we don’t mean the breakfast sandwich)

Britain’s dramatic exit from the European Union this year, is ALL OF US ditching 2016.  Seriously, this separation has it’s pros and cons, but it needs to happen…and it needs to be next level dramatic.

Just like the peeps who voted for the Brexit, we think we’ll be happier once we cut ties with 2016, these are the major improvements we can expect:

1. Clearer skin
2. Better economy? (we’re a lifestyle blog so tbh we don’t know)
3. More glitter
4. Less tears
6. Less f*ckboys (no more toronto mans)
7. Lingerie as daily attire
8. Fishnets for all
9. Velour tracksuits
11. Rob Kardashian’s comeback
12. Our intern will finally have a boyfriend (fingers crossed, kk?)
13. No more speak of Harambe (RIP)
14. Taylor Swift will be taken down once and for all
15. New music from James Blunt
16. Thriving Instagram aesthetics
17. Luscious hair
18. More SPC savings  😉 😉 😉
19. True friends
20. More self love


Let’s throw 2016 into a dramatic fire pit and burn it like all the gifts your ex gave you. We don’t need that negativity.