The holiday’s are such a wonderful time, there’s always soo much to do, and people to see, and gifts to buy…and it ends up making a pretty big dent in your bank account. No matter how magical Christmas 2016 is, there’s no reason you should spend 2017 paying it off!

Here are our go-to tips to save serious money this Christmas:

1. Limit the gift giving

Instead of buying gifts for your entire friend group, suggest Secret Santa. That way you only have to buy one gift, and you can all decide on a manageable price limit!

2. Make your own decorations

Giving your res or apartment the perfect holiday vibe can be really expensive! Let’s throw it back to elementary school and make some paper snowflakes and styrofoam ornaments (glitter glue…need I say more?). You can even ask your parents if they have any old decorations you can borrow!


3. Host a Christmas karaoke night

Part of the holiday season is spending time with loved ones, instead of going out and spending way too much, invite all your friends over for a Christmas party!

Everyone has their favourite Christmas tunes (*cue All I Want for Christmas is You*), get the karaoke versions up on YouTube, make some holiday drinks, and enjoy the company of your besties! (Don’t be shy to tell your friends what they can bring to help out).

4. Regift …it’s not a dirty word!!!

Let’s face it, we all have that little pile in our closet of all the gifts we got last year and haven’t touched since we opened them. There’s no use holding onto something you won’t use, one of your friends could enjoy it (or that weird cousin that you literally know nothing about). Just be sure you don’t regift it back to the lovely human that gave it to you 😉


5. Shop with your BMO SPC MasterCard

Not only will you get all your regular SPC savings, you’ll also get 1% cash-back on ALL your purchases! It’s basically making everything you buy instantly cheaper, it’s beautiful.

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