I can anticipate that I will gain about 15 pounds during the holiday season this year. How can anyone turn down all the delicious food?! It’s impossible, I don’t care what anyone says. After I go ham (no pun intended) on all my holiday meals,  I’m going to need to get back on track for the new year. The best way is to cleanse all those toxins out of your body! Thank goodness for Jugo Juice, because ain’t nobody got time for chopping, slicing, blending. The best part about kick starting my cleanse is that all the smoothies taste like happiness in my mouth- my kind of healthy eating.

jugo-3Acai berries- the ultimate super fruit!

jugo-1Rule of thumb, if it’s green- you can’t go wrong! Avocados are not only a crowd pleaser but have so many health benefits. These include the ability to absorb certain fats and clear out the liver pathway.

Spinach contains lots of energy boosting iron and lemons are rich in Vitamin C!
jugo-2When I was growing up you could not pay me to eat a beet, now, give them all to me! Beets encourage cell structure and repair especially in the liver—the body’s primary detox center. Bye bye unwanted toxins!

jugo-4Kale is the top dog when it comes to vegetables containing high fiber!

Summer bodies are made in the winter! After stuffing my face over the holidays, I am ready to get all these toxins outtttttt of my body. Not to mention, SPC members receive an Xtra Benefit in every smoothie you get! You and your summer bod can thank me later.

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