Have you ever checked yourself out right before going out- cute outfit, shoes on point, but something is missing? Hairs done, makeup on fleek, why am I not loving this? Then you throw on the perfect necklace and ring and BAM- ready to slay. Accessories are everything!

Is it just me? Is it just me? Or are these hats so cute I definitely gotta go buy three? Every time I rock a hat like this, I feel like I’m the fanciest girl in the room. Like “look at me, in my cute hat!” Takes an average outfit up 10 notches.


Lets just take a second to thank the 90s! One of the best trends that have been brought back- chokers. Plain casual chokers to glittery crystal chokers if you’re getting fancy- chokers for all occasions!


The best thing about watches is they never go out of style. Trendy and practical, a sleek watch will add a little sophistication to any outfit! Wear it by itself or pair it with your favourite bracelets and bangles- the possibilities are endless!


Statement necklaces
If you are ever concerned about your outfit being boring- statement necklaces are about to change your life. A little glitz and glamour never hurt nobody! Be bold and try a statement necklace next time you’re going out. 

Midi Ringsbizou-5Fingers stay looking fancy with all these cool midi ring styles. It’s even better because you can change up how many you wear or what fingers you wear them on- you never have to rock the same look twice!

If your outfit just isn’t working for you- try on some hot accessories. If you love these looks head over to our SPC Current page for more accessories love with Bizou. Dont forget you save 10% off all regular price items with your SPC Card. You can thank me later

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