Daylight Saving Time change brings mixed emotions. In the Spring, I’m pumped that even though we lose an hour of sleep, the sun sets later making the days longer, winning. In the winter months, we’re not so lucky. It’s dark in the mornings when you get up, dark at night (you think its 9pm when its only 6pm). Who even notices the extra hour of sleep when it gets dark so early? Then I convince myself its actually not so late, so I can watch an extra episode of Orange is the New Black and BAM then its 2am. How am I supposed to remember all 64 math formulas when I’m so tired? Now I gotta rework my internal clock to wake me up in a panic 6 minutes before class when I snoozed my alarm. Inconvenient.

BUT! there are some things that are wayyyy more annoying than losing an hour of sleep, like…

1. Losing the back of an earring

2. Losing your footing and tripping in front of your class

3. Losing a sports game

4. Losing the 10 page essay you spent the last 24 hours working on it.

6. Losing your SPC Card (allllll those savings!)

7. Losing a semesters worth of notes for your hardest class

8. Losing your wallet

9. Losing your phone- 906 perfectly angled selfies, gone forever

10. Losing your diary


So when you’re down about how dark it is, think of all the worse things that could happen. If that doesn’t help, retail therapy does- head to the mall. But don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank- save with your SPC Card. You can thank me later!

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