So one time in grade 12, I got invited to a Halloween party from this guy I was seeing in university.


I was obviously SUPER nervous, and wanted to look really, really cool. But I also didn’t want that thing that happened to Lindsay in Mean Girls, happen to me.


AND because I didn’t know the ways of the university world, I didn’t actually think people still dressed up. Boy was I wrong. Everyone. Was dressed up. Except for me.


In the spirit of one of the most embarrassing moments of my high school life, here are 6 superrrrr easy halloween costumes that you can make in about 5 seconds or less. And with little to no money 😉

Fifty Shades of Grey

Best part? Paint swatches are free. slide_320992_3006085_free

The Sims character

Do people still play The Sims anymore?? Because this is genius. And cheap. Like really cheap. sub-buzz-6546-1476718492-7

A real-life Snapchat filter

No but honestly who looks this good in person.

Nudist on strike

This can kind of be seen as a cop out. The whole being on strike thing… not the costume.

Iron Chef

Get it?? Took us a sec. sub-buzz-31516-1476718484-3

The mostttt beautiful jellyfish

This is honestly so pretty we can’t take our eyes off of it.

Very proud of my made-with-Daiso jellyfish costume. #instacollage #jellyfish #costume #diycostume

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Guy caught in a windstorm

Your face may hurt from holding it like this all day/night. But it’s so worth it.

Awkward school photo

You’ll have to re-live the awkwardness all night but at least you’ll always be picture ready.

I hope you get even a LITTLE inspo with these easy/cheap Halloween costumes! If not, if you take anything from this, it’s that people in university still dress up for Halloween.

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