Have you ever wanted to make one of your dreams come true? No, I’m not talking about going to Disney World. Well, you could do that… using a website called Kickstarter! You can fundraise money for ANYTHING. There are some really good causes that get amazing funding. There are also some odd campaigns and they still get incredible funding. Here are 5 of the weirdest ones I found. Check them out below.


This is not a tricky name, it is what it is. This campaign was created by Alli Dryer. For people who love the scents of meat, such as Bacon; they can now smell like their favourite meats all day long. This meat-soap will be made by scents of different meats using their fats. Dryer pledged for $1,500. The campaign raised $1,905! I guess the love of bacon can make you do crazy things.


Unique wooden handbag

Would you want a bag that is durable? How about a handbag made with the finest wood? This Kickstarter campaign by Leon De Haan rose over $27,000 Euros to make this project come to life. Using the finest wood and leather, consumers can purchase these bags. There were 87 pledgers that helped make this possible. Look how stylish this is! It can fit everything you need, just like a regular hand bag.


Grilled Cheesus

Have you ever wanted to have Jesus on your bread? Well Rob Corso and Megan Sheehan thought many people would want to see that on their grilled cheese. They started their campaign with a pledge of $25,000 and received funding from 286 pledges which raised their goal to $25,604.


Noboru Bitoy wanted enough money to buy a burrito at Chipotle. All he asked for was $8.00 and he got $1,050, instead. Bitoy got 258 pledges to help him complete his dream. He made a 400% profit in the first day. He was able to purchase many burritos in different combinations of ingredients. He also wants to take eating a burrito to the next level by eating it on a plane or while skydiving.


Potato Salad

I like potato salad, but this Kickstarter campaign was the most outrageous out of the rest. Zack “Danger” Brown wanted $10 to make a potato salad. Instead he was able to raise $55K to make his project come alive. Brown didn’t know how to make a potato salad. So he started his kickstarter to help him make his first ever potato salad. He received 6,911 pledges and a total of $55,492. He used the $55K to throw a huge potato salad party, where he invited the entire internet!

If these individuals can raise money for their special endeavours, I’m sure you can also! It’s still not too late to raise money for your school using the SPC Fundraising Program! Sign up your school today!