Long gone are the days of hiding your internet relationships from the world. It’s 2016 and it’s rare that a relationship doesn’t blossom through DM’s or dating apps. The negative stigma attached to meeting your bae on the internet is quickly disappearing. It really comes down to two apps; Tinder and Bumble. But which app is REALLY worth endless hours of swiping left and right? We cracked the code so you don’t have to.


If there’s one reason interns are kept around, it’s for doing the dirty work…and I’m doing just that. I, Ariana, am SPC’s intern and among my responsibilities in the office, it’s my duty to try all the things my co-workers don’t want to. A few months ago I did a soul-crushing three day juice cleanse. This time, I’m putting myself out there on the worlds most popular dating apps. I’m going to consider it my own version of The Bachelorette.

There were only a couple ‘rules’ for the test. I had to swipe right at least 5 guys per day, and I had to put the work in (This isn’t some passive-aggressive swiping, I’m on here to find a bae). Also, my profile had to be the same on both apps (pictures, bio, school, and work). Lastly, Bumble’s set up so that only the girl can message first…which means I have to message pretty much every guy I match with.














(ok so I cheated on the profile thing – I had a really fire selfie and needed it on my Tinder)


With my profiles set up, and my search settings adjusted on both apps, it was time to start swiping. Lemme tell you, it’s hard to get into the mind set of swiping right. I’m not 100% sold on meeting someone on Tinder so I was a little bit guarded. The last time I was on Bumble ended pretty badly (hmm maybe a story time will come up soon). I recognized a lot of people on both apps, either friends of mine, or friends of friends. At first I was a little bit worried about what they would think of seeing me on a dating app – would I look desperate? But here’s the thing, they’re doing the same thing I’m doing…and I don’t think they’re desperate!

Seeing people I knew also led to a very important question: Do I swipe right for people I know?

Answer: If you’re interested, swipe right. If you’re not, swipe left. Treat people you know the same as everyone else.

Here’s my first thought of Bumble: Although it’s empowering that girls get to send the first message (and takes the creepy factor away), does it give guys the easy way out? The opportunity to be lazy? And the chance to expect more? Some guys act entitled and expect you to work harder to impress them.

So after spending the first night swiping away (literally I sat in bed all night as though I was being paid to be on dating apps…) here are my initial thoughts:

A lot of the guys I come across are on both apps, so there’s quite a bit of repetition. That being said, I tend to swipe right to more of them on Tinder. I’ve had a lot more conversations with guys on Tinder and I partially think it’s because I don’t have to start the conversation…but I’ve also ignored more messages on Tinder…making Bumble seem less annoying. So after day one, I’m still unsure.

Side note: Came across one guy who’s bio read “looking for the perfect girl to ruin my life” – I took it as a challenge.

On day 2, I gave out my phone number on Tinder for the first time. I found that I was having better conversations on Tinder than Bumble, but it could still be my hesitation to start conversations. By day 3 I had a really good conversation going with a Tinder guy. So I guess I’m biased in saying Tinder is getting more bonus points right now.

Based on word of mouth and other blogs, Bumble seems to have a better reputation in terms of sketchiness and the types of people using the app. I’ve noticed the (almost) opposite. While both apps have some sketchiness and, let’s be honest, pervy guys, there seem to be less on Tinder. It almost seems as though all the problems that people had with Tinder, moved onto Bumble (at least for my age group).

When it came to the whole age situation, I decided to raise my age limit to about 5-7 years older than me – just to see if there was any difference in the guys that came up. There was actually a major difference. I haven’t swiped right for anyone in that age group (I’m only 20 …so 26 is a bit too old for me), but based on their profiles they seem to take the app a lot more seriously – especially on Bumble. These guys are using the app to actually find a relationship which is very different from guys my age. So, if your dating pool consists of about 24+ you’ll definitely like Bumble.

The result:

Although I really loved what Bumble stands for with the girl messaging first, I really got sick of having to be the first one to make the move. I still like the idea of having a guy send me a message and a little bit of a chase. Like I previously mentioned, guys seemed to expect more on Bumble. If you are willing to take charge and constantly make an effort (because matches DO expire) then Bumble will work for you.

As for Tinder, I ended up leaning on this app more. I have to admit that I did find a really cool guy that I talked to for about a month – so while I was still talking to people on Tinder I wasn’t taking it as seriously as I could have. I really liked that I didn’t have to message someone first, or within 24 hours. It was also a lot more relaxed over all.

Things didn’t work out with the guy I mentioned (the only guy I actually moved the convo over to texting with) so I will actually be going back to Tinder…so I guess that shows that the app is worth your time. Not every match will be “the one” but it’s a really great way to meet new people and just put yourself out there.

Great thing is, you don’t have to pursue a match if you don’t want to!