Just 18 more days until it’s time to head over to Wayhome music festival. I am so over-the-top excited, I can’t even contain it. I’ve pretty much planned all my outfits, and I’ve now been starting to think about all the little things I can’t forget to bring!

Here’s my OFFICIAL Wayhome packing list:

  1. A large scarf

    • I’m packing a large scarf to keep in my bag at all times to sit on. It’s way lighter, and takes up less room than a blanket – but still serves the same purpose. The ground might be damp, or a little bit dusty/muddy so it’s good to have something to sit on so you’re clothes don’t get dirtier than they have to.
  2. A backpack + fanny pack

    • I recommend bringing both of these items. Keep valuables like phone, wallet, keys in your fanny pack to make sure they’re extra close to you and can’t be snagged in a crowd. Your backpack can hold larger items like a scarf, water bottle, and other items I’m going to mention 😉
  3. Portable Charger(s)

    • Charging stations are super limited, and the chances of finding an outlet anywhere on the festival grounds is slim to none. I recommend rounding up as many portable chargers as you can and pre-charging them before you leave. Imagine the horror of your phone dying mid-set and you can’t finish taking a snapchat (chill its a joke).
  4. Disposable Cameras

    • I LOVE photos, I love looking back on old photos and remembering how much fun I was having and the memory behind it. As convenient as it is to take pictures on your phone, chances are you will forget about them if they aren’t instagram worthy. But when you take them on a disposable camera there’s the excitement of getting the pictures developed and going through them all!
  5. Sunscreen

    • This seems so basic…but the number of times I’ve ended up like a crispy lobster is INSANE! Keep face and body sunscreen in your backpack to apply throughout the day.
  6. DIY First-aid kit

    • Take an old make up bag and stuff some band-aids, polysporin, disinfectant wipes, and advil into it. It’s better to play it safe and have these things if you trip and fall or just bump into something.
  7. Dry Shampoo

    • You might think you’ll shower there…but if you’re camping for the weekend, it’s very likely that a shower isn’t going to happen. Load up on dry shampoo to keep your hair looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.
  8. Baby Wipes

    • Once again, the shower situation. Keep a few packs (like 10) of baby wipes in your backpack to freshen up throughout the day. You can use these to clean your body like make-shift shower (sounds gross but it’s better than nothing), and just keeping your hands clean before eating.
  9. Reusable water bottle

    • Buying water bottles throughout the weekend will really take a toll on your bank account (and the environment). Pack a reusable water bottle like this one from VS PINK, you can chuck this in your backpack and keep hydrated!
  10. Hair ties

    • So simple…yet so easily forgotten. These are valuable enough to put in your fanny pack.
  11. A hat

    • Pick up a cool cap or floppy hat to protect you from the sun, because heat stroke is real. There are tons to choose from on SPC Current!


There are still 18 days until the festival, so as I start to remember more items to pack, I’ll add them to this list. If you’ve thought of something that isn’t here leave it in the comments to help out some wayhomies 😉