101 times this picture was literally you


Our Content and Social Media Specialist took this picture of her cat this weekend. And it sparked something in us that thought it was the most relatable picture we’ve ever seen. Here are 101 times this picture is literally you.

  1. When bae’s phone goes off at 3:07 AM
  2. When your phone goes off at 3:07AM. When you’re with bae.
  3. When you’re dead tired on the couch but once you’re in bed you start thinking of all the wrongdoings you’ve done in the past.
  4. When your mom asks “Whatever happened between you and [insert old bff name here]”
  5. When you don’t feel your phone in your pocket and get that low-key heart attack
  6. When you’re at the club and you feel an unfamiliar hand
  7. When you realize you forgot to turn off your straightener
  8. When you just ate a peanut. You’re allergic to peanuts.
  9. When you’re the last one awake at a sleepover.
  10. When you’re swimming and your foot brushes by something slimy.
  11. When you were low-key caught doing something
  12. When you ordered Coke but taste Pepsi
  13. When you’re having a mental movie in class and the teacher asks you a question about Chapter 13
  14. When you’re remembering all the times you could have cut out carbs
  15. When you’re watching a  movie with your parents and an 18+ scene comes on.
  16. When your roommate was supposed to be out of town and you hear the door unlock at 3AM
  17. When you just get to work and start to wonder if you turned off the stove.
  18. When you start thinking about all the radiation microwaves give off.
  19. When you accidentally send that.. inappropriate snap to your story.
  20. When you get caught in a lie.
  21. When you just realize that the guys you are playing are playing you back.
  22. When you send a convo screenshot to the person whose convo you screenshotted. “Just wanted to see if you saw all my messages”
  23. When you try to save a number and your phone starts calling it.
  24. When you give someone the wrong number and they say “wait let me call you right now so I know you have mine”
  25. When someone from Snapchat adds you by phone number. You don’t know them.
  26. When your job posts a new job online. It’s your position.
  27. When the person you thought was bae says they wish they could find someone like you. You are someone like you.
  28. When you’re washing a spoon and the water splashes up at you.
  29. When your condo emails you that “all hot water will be off for the next 24 hours” and you have a date tonight.
  30. When the lecture hall is silent and you drop your pencil case.
  31. When it’s an open book test and you forgot your book.
  32. When someone really hot sits next to you in a lecture and you forgot to put on deodorant.
  33. When Justin Timberlake’s new song plays for the 75892 time in a row.
  34. When someone says Drake and Rihanna aren’t the world’s hottest couple.
  35. When you want to book bae on Tinder but the only way you know is cuz you’re on Tinder.
  36. When you think about all the polar bears that are losing their land.
  37. When you remember that elephants travel back to their place of birth to die.
  38. When you realize you relate to every single meme that’s related to anything being lazy, fat or ugly.
  39. When you get trapped into signing up your University Salsa of the Month Club.
  40. When you’re laughing really hard and feel a little bit of pee.
  41. When you’re trying to be cute and your sweater gets caught in the door. You’re not wearing a sweater.
  42. When bae tells you they don’t want a relationship but see them tagging their friends in #relationshipgoal posts on IG.
  43. When UPS calls about the package you ordered. You didn’t order a package.
  44. When someone sends you a gift and you have to pay $52 in duty charges.
  45. When your date cancels on you but posts about how bored they are at home.
  46. When a girl comments 😏😍😘  on you man’s Instagram pic but they’re really not your man but they are.
  47. When you see your man just screenshotted someone’s Snapchat. Like what did they screenshot.
  48. When your cactus dies and you realize you aren’t even nurturing enough to foster a succulent.
  49. When you send a 5739532 word text and get “k” back.
  50. When you think about all the times you got chosen last for soccer baseball in grade 5.
  51. When someone asks “When are you getting your hair done?” You just got your hair done.
  52. When you realized you’re 2 days late.
  53. When someone says “No I’ll just take your number”
  54. When you’re both typing but you erase your message to let them send first. They do the same thing.
  55. When you’re 30 seconds into your story and realize everyone’s just been watching Snapchats.
  56. When she starts fighting with you at Cheesecake Factory
  57. When they say they don’t accept SPC Card.
  58. When your friend sends a really harsh text and doesn’t add “lol” at the end. Or “haha” at the front.
  59. When you realize you just spent $46,000 for a piece of paper that doesn’t guarantee you any kind of employment.
  60. When halfway through the day you realize you forgot to put on a bra.
  61. When you thought your crush and their bae broke up. But they posted an Instagram picture.
  62. When bae deletes all the pics of the two of you off their IG.
  63. When you realize you’ve made out with at least 6 people at the party. In the last month.
  64. When bae has two toothbrushes at his place. He lives alone.
  65. When they ask you if you’re sick but you really just forgot concealer.
  66. When your horoscope says you’ve already met your soulmate. But you hate everyone you know.
  67. When your credit card company calls because they’ve detected “suspicious activity”. But really you were having a day and needed all the Krispy Kremes.
  68. When your crush is in your Snapchat Best Friends but you’re not in theirs.
  69. When your teacher says some of you didn’t do too well on the test. And hands your test over upside down.
  70. When you’re sleeping and feel your cat touch your leg. You don’t have a cat.
  71. When your ex-boo says you should set up boundaries but they still talk to your mom.
  72. When you just ate a entire jar of Nutella.
  73. When you send a do or die text. It’s been one date.
  74. When he says it’s so refreshing to date a girl who isn’t crazy.
  75. When you realize everything you said about yourself on a first date is a lie.
  76. When you try to make hollandaise sauce and it curdles.
  77. When you start smelling the burnt pizza in the oven. You didn’t put pizza in the oven.
  78. When “Instagram’s Worst Dressed” starts following you on IG.
  79. When your free drink from Starbucks expired before you got a chance to use it.
  80. When you’re sitting in the emergency exit seats on a place and remember all the responsibility you have.
  81. When you wake up and feel that time of the month has arrived.
  82. When you take a shot and realize that’s the one-too-many you shouldn’t have taken.
  83. When you’re so excited to see bae calling but it was just a pocket dial.
  84. When your phone’s service provider texts you that you’re $50 over your data limit.
  85. When you just walk out of your spray tan and it’s raining.
  86. When your last single friend gets a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  87. When your roommate labeled everything in the fridge.
  88. When you take a shower and realize your roommate just finished your shampoo.
  89. When your favourite makeup company discontinues your favourite mascara.
  90. When you buy a new bronzer but don’t realize it’s the tester until you’re home.
  91. When Meghan Trainer comes on the radio.
  92. When your friends think you’re asleep and you hear them talking about plans the have without you.
  93. When bae accidentally texts you “just don’t invite [insert your name]”
  94. When your parents ask about your mark. You failed that class.
  95. When you go to the bathroom and forget your phone in your room.
  96. When you realize that even Beyonce got cheated on.
  97. When you tell your parents a funny story and it turns into a lecture.
  98. When you touch a piece of soggy food at the bottom of the sink.
  99. When you think about finally having to updated your iOS.
  100. When you’re hanging out with a couple and they start fighting.
  101. When you just realized you spent 4 hours stalking your ex. Again.

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