First of all I’m just going to say that Daniel Racliff is bae.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… let’s get into this.

Magic/illusionist movies are probably my number 1 favourite kind of movie… So I had to try and go in there with an unbiased mind, and judge this movie on how good/bad it REALLY is… rather than OMG I LOVE MAGIC WOW THAT TRICK WAS SO COOL I’M SO EXCITED MORE MORE MORE. LOVE YOU DANIEL.

The cast worked SO well together – especially with new addition Lizzy Caplan whose humour I appreciate more than most; and the magic tricks were as hilarious as they were entertaining.

If you remember the first movie, it was a crime/thriller with an underlying mystery that came to a well-concluded end. Natural, come up with an even more intriguing mystery and throw in a little vengeance on top of that. Now You See Me 2 takes place merely a year after the last installment and focuses on uncovering the mystery of the Eye, the organization that recruited our “heroes” in the first installment, who may have set them up for failure. The plot is certainly intriguing, and the team manages to throw those famous curve balls we saw in the first film. My mind was constantly trying to decipher how deep the rabbit hole went and just who was in cahoots when it came to dismantling the team. In addition, they added some of the character development that the last installment lacked, some of which was good and some of which was cornier than a corn maze at a harvest festival.

But it’s the stunts and magic that really draw the eye in this film. Like the last installment, number 2 has plenty of convoluted plans that show some serious imagination and cleverness. Fans will be pulled into the confusion of how the gang ended up where they were, only to be wowed by the thorough explanation of how the trick was pulled off. When you pull in the fantastic use of CGI, the stunts only get more impressive as our magicians disappear in ways you only dream about.

Overall Now You See Me 2 is a fun, entertaining sequel that I enjoyed. The stunts are exciting, the plans convoluted, and the acting is top notch! GO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND!